Whether you’re in town alone or with a group, one of my favourite activities is to show you around the city I love. I love to travel, shoot and exhibit my photos. And I love to help others capture their trip as well.

I’m a professional photographer, teacher and tour guide, offering tours of Toronto & Niagara, customized for the digital photographer in you. My name is David Goorevitch, and I’m the author of Toronto For Photographers: Off the beaten track with your own professional Photography guide.

Unlike all the other tours, we go into the neighbourhoods, rather than skirting them. We get in deep where you can experience the city, not just look at it. And when our time is up, I can help you find your way back to the hotel or leave you to float on the breeze. Take a two-hour tour and steal another hour or two of me time. Enjoy! Its your vacation!

Travel, learn, get off the beaten track. Indulge.

Toronto For Photographers

The tour can be purchased through any Toronto hotelier or through my booking website. Just leave a comment and tell me when you’ll be here!

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