I’m a professional photographer, passionate traveller and Toronto booster. I and my associates specialize in taking visitors to the hottest places to take pictures in this photogenic city of ours, Toronto.

We also help you with any technical or compositional questions you might have. You get to know the city and come back with fantastic photos.

In other words, we help you tell the story of your trip, in pictures.

We customize your tour around your interests, offering twelve distinctive tours that focus on architecture, people and landscapes. Almost every tour has a little of all three.


I teach and blog at www.aweandthensome.ca, where you can find more information on my training mentoring programs. I’m an accredited College level instructor and I teach at the Toronto Film School. I have a degree from Ryerson Film & Photography and my works are sold internationally. They are in the collection of the City of Toronto Archives, The Royal Bank, The Federal Court, Bar Ilan University, Bell Canada and many others. I’ve have had two dozen exhibitions around the world, half of them solo. In 2012 my work was in Art Miami Context, one of the world’s premier  art venues.

If interested, please call me at 416-998-7627 or e-mail me at to4p@icloud.com. You can book directly online at http://torontoforphotographers.trekksoft.com/en/

About the photos: The Backplate (the original photo) is a single photo of a window in the concession building facing Niagara Falls. Inserts: Column 1: CN Tower in reflection; Column 2, top: The colourful beams holding up the Ontario College of Art and Design; Middle: The Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum; Bottom: A Trompe l’oeille at the Flatiron Building on Front St. E; Column 3: Top:The sculpture outside Union Station, with the RBC Tower behind; Mid: The Ontario Hydro Building; Bot: The Art Gallery of Ontario at Night, with a neighbourhood bar and the “Red Rocket” – our famous streetcar – streaking by; Column 4: Top: A sculpture high up on Yonge Street, the longest street in the world; Mid: The Distillery District; Bottom: Waiting in Kensington Market; Column 5, top, Chinatown, mid: The City TV news car on Queen W. bottom: The City skyline from Polson Pier

5 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I am going to be visiting Toronto from July 7 through July 13. I wanted to find out how much your tour costs. I am somewhere between a beginning and advanced amateur photographer, always looking to improve. Your tour sound great, so please let me know your options and rates.

    Thank you,
    Robyn Richison

    • Hi Robyn, thanks for your interest. I’d be happy to show you the city and help you take your next steps. I have time on the afternoon of the 10th, the morning of the 11th, and your pick on the 12th and 13th. I charge $45 per hour (+tax = $50.85) for a tour customized to your level and interests, and I give a 25% discount for a group of two, and a 30% discount for a group of three. Would you like to book for any of these dates? We can start at an hour and expand that if you feel the time is worth it and you need more time.

  2. Good morning! I am visiting Toronto for the next couple of weeks with my family (hubby & 2 teens 15 and 17) and having done photo tours like this one in Bruges and Barcelona, I am very keen to do one in TO. I’m the only keen photographer in my family though, so was wondering if you charge a “companion” fee for non-photographers who want to come along for the walk?

    Thanks I look forward to hearing back from you!


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